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Giving to ASOFRE

Why give to ASOFRE

The ASOFRE exists to support our profession. Your support is pivotal to ensure that we can continue to:

  • advance scientific and clinical knowledge that explores methods for improved orthodontic treatment and care
  • support accredited orthodontic programs to preserve the profession as a specialty and
  • fund ASOFRE meetings to foster the education of present and future orthodontic practitioners.

How to give

ASO Members and patients can donate to the Foundation online via the below buttons or for other payment options please email [email protected]. All donations over $2 AUD are fully tax-deductive. Corporate donors please email [email protected]

Member Donation 

Grateful Patient Donation

ASO member donations 

ASO members can contribute to the Foundation by joining the ‘Foundation for the Future campaign’. The purpose of this campaign is to expand the Foundation's capital base to ensure and maintain adequate funding for important orthodontic research and education.

  • Group patron $40,000
  • Patron $25,000
  • Benefactor $10,000
  • Sponsor $4,000
  • Donor - Any amount is very much appreciated

While lump sum payments are encouraged, donations can be paid over a 3-year period (or 5 years for larger amounts). All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Grateful Patient Donations

Grateful Patient Donations are contributions from non-member supporters and patients who have received pro bono orthodontic treatment through a professional courtesy arrangement, such as when an orthodontists treats the child of a referring dentist or friend. Such people are encouraged to express their gratitude by making a tax-deductable donation to the Foundation for the Future on behalf of their orthodontist.

Corporate sponsorship packages

Companies are invited to become an ‘appreciated member’ of the Foundation for the Future. There are multiple options available for companies to show support for the Foundation.

  • Corporate Patron $50,000
  • Corporate Benefactor $20,000
  • Corporate Sponsor $10,000
  • Corporate Donor Any amount considered appropriate

To make a corporate donation please email [email protected].  

Honour Roll

The ASOFRE sincerely thanks contributors for their support of the Foundation for the Future.

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